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Our birdfood reaches even further

Through your love of garden birds we can do three more extraordinary things.


One Acre at a Time. 


We can protect African historic landscapes, untouched by human settlements for millennia.  


We can safeguard generations of freely roaming wildlife, safe from illegal hunting. 


We can preserve thousands of acres of natural vegetation, capturing carbon and slowing climate change.

Through our campaign One Acre at a Time we’re sponsoring Game Rangers International working alongside the Zambian government to protect the Kafue landscape in the heart of Africa. This is the winter home of many of the migrating birds we see in our gardens.

Every order we receive until 31st April 2020 lets us sponsor a year’s protection of an acre of this amazing landscape.

How are we doing this?

The vast Kafue area region in Zambia is almost entirely untouched by man. It’s home to wildlife including elephants, leopards, antelopes and zebras, as well as one of the world’s largest populations of wild dogs. It also hosts more than 480 bird species, many of them unique to the region.

Why Kafue?

Kafue plays another important role. It is one of our planet’s ‘lungs’, helpfully absorbing carbon dioxide and slowing climate change.

In 2008 Game Rangers International (GRI) was set up as a non-profit organisation to train and support rangers and local communities to conserve nature.

Today there are over 120 Kafue rangers, all employed locally by Zambia’s Department of National Parks & Wildlife. With GRI’s support they work in three ways:


  1. Protecting the landscape and stopping illegal killing by poachers, many of whom are part of the highly organised international ivory trade.

  2. Helping local communities nurture Kafue’s unique wilderness and live alongside with minimal conflict with wildlife.

  3. Running a world-renowned orphanage for baby and young elephants left behind by poachers, rehabilitating them and eventually returning them to the wild.



Who are Game Rangers International?

GRI is a powerful force for good, working with out the overheads common to many charities. It's the ‘front-line’ partner for well-known charities including WWF, IFAW, the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and USAID.

Learn more about GRI at:

For every order you place with Living with Birds we’ll sponsor the protection of one acre for a year on your behalf. We’ll mark this by sending you a unique code representing your acre. Together we can help GRI train more rangers and protect more precious wilderness.


For your acre we’ll fund the average annual cost per acre for GRI’s work in Kafue. Our payment will be made to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation who’ve agreed to add our donation to their longstanding support of GRI.

Join us in this conservation opportunity. Kafue is an amazing landscape. All we have to do is keep it untouched.

Our sponsorship, your acre

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